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Thank you for your interest in WSG Paragon, the game association of Wageningen!

We have different activities during the AID. Firstly the workshops, we organize two different workshops where you can go with your group! A pub quiz and Jackbox.

The Pub Quiz asks questions about different games, but also about more general matters, so that it is fun for everyone!

This workshop is organized in room B4050+B4051 in the forum. The winning team will also receive a small prize!

Jackbox is a game that everyone can enjoy, it consists of all small games so that you get to know your group even better.

You can play Jackbox in local B3031+B3032, also in the forum.

Of course we are also on the market stall at the Student Associations. When you pass by you can play a mini game where prizes can be won. 

After the first AID, August 15, we organize a pub quiz in Pub61, where you get a free drink from us! After the second AID, August 22, we organize a smash tournament. You are of course very welcome at both events, regardless of which AID you attend.


WSG Paragon offers a lot of events, from board games to video games, but also some more creative stuff. September gives a taste of these different types of events and is therefore completely free for everyone! The events can be found on the flyer or on the website.

If you register now, you will also receive a small mentor group with which you can eat together, go to events and get to know Paragon better! Kind of an annual club, but without the obligations.


Membership at WSG Paragon costs €39,95 per year, which gives you access to every events. You can participate for free in competitions within the association, but also in competitions in which the association participates. Such as League of Legends, smash or chess.

You get access to the different WhatsApp groups and even more access in the Discord!  

See below for more information about the different types of events within the association and look here for more information. If you have any further questions, ask them via Discord or send an email to the board

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