• Apex Legends
    Tue, Sep 21
    WSG Paragon Discord
    It's time to jump into the fray with your brothers and sisters in arms! Fight for glory and try to get more kills than your Paragon friends. And don't forget to stay alive!
  • Movie Night
    Wed, Sep 22
    Forum B0103
    It’s time for another Movie Night! Feel like watching a comedy? Some horror? Or perhaps some romance? We’ll put up a poll in the Whatsapp group where you can vote on the movie. We'll provide drinks and snacks so you can get comfortable for a nice movie night in!
  • Magic: The (Offline) Gathering
    Thu, Sep 23
    Forum B0103
    Have you always dreamed of summoning a bunch of magical creatures that can be deployed to overwhelm your opponent? Or declare victory after trampling them with the biggest dinosaur they've ever seen? Now is your chance! Our best cardslingers will give you a quick introduction to Magic: The GATHERING
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    Sun, Sep 26
    Location on campus - TBD
    Are you ready to go on an adventure? Join the second installment of Dungeons and Dragons at Paragon for nice one-shot sessions prepared for you by the DM guild. All adventures will take place in a unique Paragon world! For all experience levels, just hop in and play!
  • Board Game Night Extravaganza!
    Tue, Sep 28
    B 309 B313
    It's time for our second edition of the board game night! Can't get enough of board games? Do you want more?! Another night filled with fun and chill games. Bring your most interesting games to play!
  • Pubquiz
    Thu, Sep 30
    To be determined
    As finale to our introduction month there is a pub quiz! Show your skills in the different categories and walk away with good memories and a fun prize!
  • Smash 2.2 (Offline!)
    Sun, Oct 03
    The second offline smash event in a year and a half. So come and show them online gains! For questions, you can reach the host on discord @ Crines#6320
  • ALV (member meeting)
    Tue, Oct 05
    A new board, new corona rules and the start of a new school year. Show your voice in the association and vote on matters that are important to you. The meeting is online for easy access for everyone.
  • Association Weekend
    Fri, Oct 22
    It is time to have another Association weekend! We will be going together to Otterlo, where we play games, light a campfire, go into the woods and a lot more! Read below for more information,