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  • Pokemon VGC doubles tournament
    Mon, Jun 05
    pokemon showdown
    A competitive pokemon tournament! An E-cie event! Wow! How cool!
  • Boardgame Night feat. Wageningen Boardgamers!
    Thu, Jun 08
    You read that correctly, the Wageningen Boardgamers and WSG Paragon have come together to make THE ultimate boardgame night! This is an open event so bring anybody who would love an event like this! Drinks and little snacks will be available! Its at Forum room B0512 and B0516!
  • Biweekly Board game Night
    Tue, Jun 13
    Forum room B0107
    Dust off your board and card games, our biweekly boardgame night is back! You may even bring your own games! Axy will take care of something little to drink and to snack!
  • Barbecue
    Thu, Jun 15
    Forum, Wageningen
    It's time to touch some grass! Come socialize with your fellow members at our delicious barbecue (we will ask for a small contribution). We will provide vegetarian and meat dishes, drinks, and snacks. If you have other dietary wishes, please contact an Axy member.
  • Werewolves of Millers Hollow
    Tue, Jun 20
    Put your sussy pants on and join us for a night of IRL AmongUs! We will be playing multiple rounds of werewolves and we'll start by explaining all the rules & roles, so don't hesitate to join even if you've never played before.
  • Goose Goose Duck (aka Amogoose)
    Thu, Jun 22
    Ever wished amogus had proximity chat? Or more roles? Well so have we, and that's why we'll be playing Goose Goose Duck! It's free to play and very easy to learn, so come join us for another sussy night!
  • The Ultimate Game Night
    Tue, Jun 27
    Forum - Wageningen Campus
    The Ultimate Game Night is a big open event to introduce people to Paragon and build an amazing night filled with boardgames, cardgames and loads of fun! Paragon will provide drinks and snacks!
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