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Frequent questions

Euro munten

How much does it cost each year?

Being a member of WSG Paragon costs  

€ 40.00 per year. In principle, this pays for all events that we organize, with the exception of a few events that require extra payment.

Update: 2022

Gaming Toetsenbord

When can I become a member?

You can become a member all year long. The only advantage there is to register at the beginning of period 1 is that the month of September is free and extra events are organized, so that the new members can be properly integrated.

Update: 2022

College studenten

Do I need to be a student?

No, anyone can join WSG Paragon. You don't even have to be a student at WUR.

Update: 2022


Does Paragon have a fixed location?

WSG Paragon does not have a club house. The offline events are largely organized in the Forum building on the Campus.

Update: 2022


What is the differences between us and boardgames Wageningen?

WBG is purely focused on board games. Paragon only plays board games every two weeks, but many other events, including DnD. Our membership is therefore also slightly higher. Besides snacks and drinks at events, we also organize larger events such as tournaments with other associations, excursions and pub quizzes. In short, we organize more often and have more variety in our events.

Update: 2023

Gamen met andere studenten

Extra info

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Update: 2022

I've applied! What happens now?

First, welcome! You will soon receive an email from the secretary with links for the various whatsapp group chats. It talks about that specific game and also makes agreements about when you can play games together! The secretary will place you in the general whatsapp group.


The e-mail contains the account number of the association, it is the intention that you transfer the mandatory € 39,95 to this as soon as possible.

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