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International students

Hello and welcome to WSG Paragon!


We are a small association mainly about playing online games and board games. We don’t have any international members yet, as we don’t have the time nor the people to organize that.

But we are really interested if international students are interested to be a part of this association! We can’t guarantee that there will be an international option soon, but if your interested then please let us know!


You can register by pressing the button for possible updates about becoming an international member. Here you can also let us know if you want to help with organizing board game evenings! If you want more information you can always contact us at


Again, signing up here does not mean that you are part of this association! If you speak a decent amount of dutch and you want to become a member, then please sign up via the dutch sign up sheet under the headline 'lid worden'. 


We hope we can see you in the future. 

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